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It ��s time for a sports meeting. The news of "the time for a sports meeting" is blowing like a spring breeze, blowing through the entire forest. Various animals have been busy in preparation for the game. See, monkeys practice pole climbing, deer practice high jump, frog practice swimming , Black panda practice throwing stones, little white rabbit practice running ~~~~~~ How about the little panda chubby? Seeing that they are practicing so hard, the red panda also wants to participate in the competition. He touches his chin with one hand and the back with one hand Behind him, he took a swaying step and thought proudly: "These games are too easy. I all participated in the Red Panda. "A shout came from behind. The little panda turned around and saw that Uncle Elephant hurriedly greeted:" Uncle Elephant, Uncle Elephant, what important thing do you call me? "" Uh. "Uncle Elephant pulled out a pen and asked," What project do you want to participate in? "The red panda blinked and stood upright, and said aloud," Well, I am swimming, running, climbing trees, long jumps ... I will all sign up All right. "Uncle Elephant listened to shaking his head and rolled his long nose and said," The child can't brag. If you want to achieve good results, you must practice hard. "After signing up, the red panda knows how to play for a long time, and he does n��t practice anything, he does n��t want the little monkey, the little deer and the rabbit, he sleeps and takes a walk, how good it is to eat bamboo leaves! It ��s time for the uncle Elephant to leave the sky outside the sky and the animals are coming to participate in this grand competition Marlboro Cigarettes. The first item is a swimming competition, the athletes stand on the diving platform, and the turtle referee signals Gun Marlboro Lights, shouted: "Everyone, ------ ready to start. "A gunshot athletes jumped into the water and swam forward. But the little panda stood there with trembling legs and black eyes. He didn't dare to jump down at all. He was terrified in his heart. Whoops so deep. What should I do if I jump down and drown? Next, the referee announced that the track and field competition began. The red panda wanted to run first, and he was full of energy. Yes, he just ran together, and suddenly his feet slipped and sat on the ground. And fell to the sky. The other animals ran fast like an arrow off the string, and left the red panda behind them. The red panda looked at their back and rubbed their buttocks before they ran anymore. He jumped high. He looked at the high bamboo pole in front of him and could n��t jump over the panic. He had to bend over and climb under the bamboo pole. The printed animals laughed for a while, but the deer jumped easily. , Effortlessly. Then, the red panda took part in the throwing and tree climbing competition again. The black bear lifted a big rock and used all his strength to throw forward. The red panda was still behind; the little monkey climbed at once To eat at the top of the tree with relish The little panda was so fat that he did n��t climb up. He was so tired and sweating, he was holding his trunk tightly in his hands and gasped. The game was over. The conference held a grand prize-giving ceremony. The frog lifted I was happily yelling at the swimming champion ��s certificate; the little white rabbit, holding the certificate, Le ��s beard turned upside down; the little monkey and the black bear were drunk holding the trophy. Especially the little deer, very demure look , It made people envious. The panda did not win any prize. He bowed his head sadly and cried with his eyes covered. The uncle elephant who had been standing next to him said: "Child, remember: no matter what, Only when you work hard at all times can you achieve good results Cheap Cigarettes.

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